Child’s Play Honors Sandy Roberts in Annual Reunion Show

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Much of FLCT’s outreach programming occurs in partnership with other social service and cultural organizations, local businesses, and schools. Programs reach out to people who might not otherwise be able to participate in class or production offerings, and often serve a specific need or address a social or cultural concern. FLCT frequently develops custom programming for community partners. Recent examples include facilitating a hospice camp for children who experienced the death of a parent through CARE Vitas, and creating and facilitating workshops for the City of Coral Springs on cultural competence, discrimination and acceptance.

FLCT students often perform throughout South Florida at festivals, special events and private functions in partnership with many other organizations.

FLCT staff members also provide educational and professional development workshops for classroom teachers in arts-infusion across the academic curriculum, with a current focus on reading readiness and closing educational gaps in preschool.


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