Outreach Programs


In 1993 FLCT’s Executive Artistic Director, Janet Erlick, created A BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU to address the complex needs of South Florida’s ethnically diverse school community. It specifically focused on mutual respect, juvenile violence and bullying in public schools, with an emphasis on multiculturalism. Modified over the years to better meet the needs of South Florida’s youth, A BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU continues to use theatre as a tool for community building and peaceful conflict resolution. BRIDGE celebrates the diversity of South Florida while also recognizing areas of commonality and shared experiences. Through improvisation, group discussions and writing, students question, brainstorm and discuss positive alternatives to bullying, name calling, fighting and juvenile violence in a safe forum. Each student actively participates as they identify and practice problem-solving skills, strategize about ways to handle difficult situations, and develop higher order thinking and social skills.

To have us offer this program at your school or organization or if you wish to support or sponsor this program,
please contact us at (954) 763-6882.


In 2002 Executive Artistic Director, Janet Erlick, created FROM PAGE TO STAGE to address concerns about student performance in reading and writing. PAGE uses theatre education games, exercises and techniques to bring written words to life, helping students improve their academic performance, with a particular emphasis on comprehension. Improved reading comprehension affects all assessments of student achievement, and assists children with writing, self-expression and other skills, critical to all areas of adult life. PAGE also provides classroom teachers with additional student assessment tools and supplemental arts-infused classroom activities that address a myriad of learning styles and abilities, including the special educational needs of students whose primary language is not English. PAGE can be offered as a multi-week in-school residency program or as individual one-day workshops.

To bring this program to your school or organization, or if you wish to support this program with a financial contribution, please contact us at (954) 763-6882.